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Tips to Having a Successful Child’s Dental Appointment

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Do you ever have a hard time bringing your child in for an appointment because it always ends up being a disaster? If so, our Richard J. Gawarzewski DMD, PA team has some tips that may help you! Please consider doing the following things before and during your child’s dental appointment:

Bring them in at the right time
Timing is everything, so please do not bring your child into the office when it is their nap time. It’s also important to avoid coming in after naptime as well if your child tends to be cranky when they wake up. For older children, try not to schedule the appointment right after camp or school. Oftentimes, they don’t have enough energy to deal with an appointment.

Give them an example
If you need your teeth cleaned, it may be best to have your appointment first. That way, you can set an example for your child and show them that caring for your smile isn’t as bad as it may seem.

Feed them prior to the appointment
Typically, a hungry patient is not a happy patient, so please bring your child into our office with a full stomach. If your child has the tendency to gag during their appointment, please remember to feed them lightly on the off chance that they throw up.

Leave your anxiety at the door
Your child can probably tell when you’re anxious, so it’s best to leave your anxiety at the door. If you are relaxed and carefree, your child will most likely feel that way too. Also, please keep cool if your child won’t cooperate. Yelling and fighting won’t help the situation.

For more information and help about achieving a successful children’s dental appointment in Berlin, New Jersey, please feel free to call 856-767-0053 today and talk to your dentist, Dr. Richard J. Gawarzewski, or a member of our dental team!