What Questions Should You Be Asking Your Dentist?

When you go to your bi-annual dental cleanings, do you know what questions to ask our dental team? We are happy to help you maintain your healthy smile by recommending appropriate solutions. Routine dental visits are designed to spot potential problems early on and to provide thorough cleanings, the removal of tartar deposits, a thorough… Read more »

Early Detection of Oral and Pharyngeal Cancer Improves Treatment Success Rates

It is estimated by the American Cancer Society that roughly 49,600 people will develop some form of oral or pharyngeal cancer each year. Approximately 9700 people will die from the disease each year. Early detection of oral cancer is very important for improving long-term treatment success rates. This is part of the reason why the… Read more »

How Toothpaste Has Evolved Over the Years

You may have wondered the origins of toothpaste, and how different it is now, as opposed to centuries ago. Read on to learn about the history of toothpaste, including what ingredients used to be in the paste. Toothpaste dates to Egyptian times, around the year 5000 B.C, when they started using a paste to clean… Read more »

Find Out If You Need Dentures

Do you need dentures? If you brush your pearly whites two times per day and floss at least once a day, the answer is most likely no. If you’re older than 60 and have lost several pearly whites, the answer could be yes. Identifying the need for dentures can be difficult, but there are some… Read more »

A Dental Bleaching Treatment Is Capable of Removing Tobacco Stains from Your Teeth

Tobacco is a complex plant with many chemicals and components. When you smoke or chew tobacco, it releases tar and a myriad of these chemicals into your mouth. This can have a significant adverse effect on your oral health, contribute to medical conditions, and cause significant stains to quickly develop on your teeth. In just… Read more »

What Are the Reasons My Jaw or Face Is Hurting?

If your jaw or face is hurting and the pain doesn’t seem to abate, you are not alone. Chronic face or jaw pain is not uncommon, and there can be a variety of factors causing this discomfort to occur. The pain is an indicator that you should have it looked at, which is important as… Read more »

Why Choose Dental Implants?

If you’re missing teeth tempt you to feel self-conscious, or you find that it’s more difficult to eat and speak and the thought of dentures sound unappealing, there are other options. One excellent choice is dental implants. Dental implants function exactly like strong, healthy natural teeth. They are made up of crowns and titanium posts… Read more »

The Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Root Canal Therapy

Sometimes dental treatments can be quite overwhelming and even confusing, and a root canal treatment is one of them. Many people aren’t sure why a root canal treatment is needed or even what it is. So, if you’re one of those people, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to share knowledge by answering questions about… Read more »

Fact Finder: Mouth Guards

As the last of the summer season comes to an end, numerous sports begin to arise. Various forms of contact sports become quite popular, with numerous teens and young adults alike partaking in them. However, contact sports are one of the primary causes of dental damage, so it is important you take the necessary steps… Read more »

What Do You Know About Oral Health Hazards?

Are you doing enough to keep your smile healthy for many years to come? Even though brushing and flossing every day are tremendously beneficial, there are plenty of health risks of which you should also be aware. Wearing mouth jewelry is a problem waiting to occur. Not only are many forms of mouth jewelry made… Read more »