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Early Symptoms of a Problematic Filling

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Here at Richard J. Gawarzewski DMD, PA our team of dentists generally use fillings to treat and repair small to medium sized cavities. Through the passage of time and the natural wear and tear of biting, chewing and grinding food, fillings start to age.

Sometimes the bacteria in your mouth can even work their way into the seam between the filling and the surrounding enamel to form a new area of decay. This is even more likely to happen if you have been inattentive or inconsistent with your daily oral hygiene routine.

Caught early a problematic filling can be treated and repaired with a minimal amount of complications. Our team of dentists advise you to watch out for these early symptoms to watch out for.

A sharp pain when biting down or chewing, likely means an inlay or onlay filling is about to fail. You should also beware a change in texture on a lingual filling near your tongue.

If bacteria have invaded the seam between the filling and the surrounding tooth enamel it might develop a light shade of gray.

In some cases, a Richard J. Gawarzewski DMD, PA dentist might be able to repair or replace the bad filling. However, if there isn’t sufficient enamel to anchor a new filling, they might have to restore the entire enamel layer with a crown.

If you suspect that one of your fillings is about to go bad, you should call Richard J. Gawarzewski DMD, PA’s office in Berlin, New Jersey at 856-767-0053 to have it examined.