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Cold and flu season this year is stronger than ever. To help keep your smile safe, you will need to continue to brush and floss throughout the season.

Often times, individuals may neglect their oral health care while they are sick. This is especially hazardous to your oral health because you will be at an increased risk for dental damage. Not only can your teeth be exposed to further oral health ailments due to dry mouth but throwing up can release harmful stomach acids into your mouth.

To help keep your smile safe when you’re sick, avoid unnecessary risks. This includes biting into cough drops which are often too hard and can easily chip and crack your teeth. Furthermore, they are often laden with sugars which can damage your tooth enamel. Another key point of your oral health care when you are sick is to always stay hydrated. Not only can this improve your physical health and help fight off your illness, but it will also help eliminate or lower your risk for dry mouth.

Take the time to protect your smile if you have a cold or the flu. If you would like Dr. Richard J. Gawarzewski and our team at Richard J. Gawarzewski DMD, PA to bring you in for a visit to determine which treatments are right for you, please schedule an appointment at our dental office in Berlin, New Jersey, by calling us at 856-767-0053.