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Dental Implants Can Strengthen Your Jawbone

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Were you aware that your jawbone can become weaker when you lose teeth? Without the tooth in its proper place, the body reduces the amount of bone in that area. The jawbone can be strengthened again by replacing that tooth with a dental implant.

What can happen with a missing tooth is that the body stops focusing its resources on that area of the jawbone. There is nothing left for it to support, so it stops bothering to send material to keep the bone maintained. As such, the integrity gets reduced.

With an implant, the body starts paying attention to that area again. Having the post in place signals for the body to start shoring up the bone because it has something to support again. The titanium post also is biocompatible. This compatibility allows the bone to fuse with the implant and make it part of the structure, which provides extra support and stability.

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